Ben Carter

Ben Carter (portrayed by Andrew Hayden-Smith) was a member of the Byker Grove youth club who first appeared in the sixteenth episode of the 1996 series.

Official Bio Edit

Ben is the Grove’s answer to Casanova.

Often having more than one lassie on the go, his ‘bad lad’ image has got him into a few scrapes in the past. After setting out to prove his babe magnetism to the other lads, he moved in on Claire, stealing her from under Ollie’s nose. But as soon as Claire began to get keen on Ben, he backed off in favour of Teraise.

His plans backfired on him and he was soon isolated from the Grove by all his friends. With his friendship with Ollie in tatters Ben is trying to be the dutiful boyfriend to Claire. But as ever, his wandering eye often gets the better of him. Ben originally joined the Grove through his brother Terry. With his father in prison and a grandad who disowned him, he now lives with his foster mother Lou and her newly fostered twins, Adam and Luke. He is also half brother to new girl Stella.